Adriana Jasso "Beginners Hands on Makeup Class"
12:00 PM12:00

Adriana Jasso "Beginners Hands on Makeup Class"

Adriana Jasso MUA is having a "Beginners Hands on Makeup Class" at Kosmeticland and we are one of the main sponsor !! She will be using our brushes to demonstrate the class and use our lashes. 

Following is what you will be learning.

You will be learning: 
1. skincare for oily skin, dry skin & combination skin
2. How to shape Eyebrows properly
3. Natural Eye look
4. Concealing and correcting different skin types.
5. Foundation Application for each skin type
6. How to contour the face
7. How to bake the face (set the foundation)
8. How to set your makeup so it lasts ALL day
9. Turn the Natural Day look into a Eyecatching night look (October vibes: burgundy, browns, blacks and oranges )
10. How to apply lashes
11. Tips on how to remove your makeup
12. How to sanitize & cleanse your materials •

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