OFFA Beauty, Inc. was established in 2013. However, this family-operated Company has been around the beauty & cosmetics industry for more than two decades. This background built up the content of the Company and grew into the foundation for the motto and the title of a brand. OFFA is the acronym for Omnis Femine Fortuna Amor, which in Latin means: “Every [ All ] Female-figure's Fortune and Love”. In tune with this meaning and our core philosophy we are continuously developing and investing in cosmetic products for everyday use. Rather than the flashy and gaudy nature of other brands, OFFA Beauty's focus is to create products that are fundamentally sound and contemporaneously fashionable. Because we test and use our products ourselves, this focus of refinement and improvement is never ending.

The Idea

Idea is from our Friends.

The Idea encompassing our Company is very straight forward. We love to provide the finest products for our friends, whether they are our kin or acquaintances. Our friends give us the inspiration for our products, and they are the reason why we create such tools. The feedback from our friends and the community helps us to develop and improve our craft.

Style & Quality

Style & Quality represents ourselves.

Quality is the first priority when we develop our line of products. Our quality test is rigorous compared to most companies in the cosmetics field, and if a product in development does not pass this test it is dropped from our line. After it satisfies the criteria of the quality test, our design team graphically demonstrates the right attire for the product. They style of the product is as important as the quality itself because the trend of the fashion industry is always growing and changing constantly.


Satisfaction is our # 1 goal.

As people ranging from consumers to professional make-up artists use our products, their feedback is overwhelmingly positive. We gauge the price of our products perfectly by balancing the consumer expectations and the status of the cosmetics field. Satisfaction is natural to us and we will keep striving towards this goal.